Lux Management is geared toward finding solutions for every property. We feel that simple, reliable property management shouldn't be embellished. Finding the right plan of action and executing it to perfection is our mission statement.


All of our services are entirely customizable to ensure the highest rate of satisfaction amongst our clients. This flexibility allows for each clients needs to addressed on a prioritized basis. Success is dependant upon satisfaction.


As much as our success is based on client satisfaction, a property's success is based on getting things done right the first time. This is where Lux stands apart from the rest. Plain and simple, we deliver results... and success.

Lux Management Defined

Created to fill a void seen amongst property management companies, Lux Management believes in personalized, professional service. Serving Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties and always looking to expand our horizons. Contact us to inquire about our extended service areas.

If you are interested in obtaining a no obligation quote for your service needs, please contact us today and experience the Lux Management difference.

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  • Fiscal Management
  • Commercial Properties
  • Estate Management

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